A.B. (Biche) Osong MSc

PhD-student - Clinical Data Science

I obtained my master’s in Biostatistics (Title: dynamic Bayesian network for outcome prediction in lung cancer patients) from Hasselt University in Belgium. I worked as an internship in the clinical data science group at Maastro for a year. My main focus was on developing machine learning models for outcome prediction in oncology both distributed and centralized. In 2018 I started as a Ph.D. student where my new focus besides building predictive models includes working in close collaboration with doctors and physicians to deploy these developed models via shiny web applications and nomograms for decision support. I particularly enjoy my work a lot because it offers an objective opinion to improve operational efficiency, reliability, and accuracy.

“Data is the new oil,” not only because it fuels most of the technological innovations in our milieu today, but just like crude oil, if left undefined, is useless. Along these lines, I am exploring the impact of Big Data for better cancer care.


My areas of expertise:

  • (Bio)statistics
  • data science
  • radiomics
  • decision support systems