A. (Ananya) Choudhury MSc

PhD-student - Clinical Data Science

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology. Thesis : Solving NP Hard Problem with Quantum Evolutionary Approach.
Masters of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from National Institute of Technology. Thesis focused on Image Classification with Optimal Feature Selection and Artificial Neural Networks.

Work Experience : Researcher at Center for Development of Advanced Computing, India working in High Performance Computing for Medical and Bio-informatics. Focus area was Medical Imaging and Health Care Data Standardization.

“God does not play dice with the universe”. All the answers that we seek for are already there in the data around us. It is on us to explore and use. I am passionate about making that data usable and find the truth from them.

I value building relationships and working collectively to unveil scientific possibilities.


Areas of expertise:

  • Privacy Preserving Distributed Clinical Data Analysis and Infrastructure,
  • Data Modelling,
  • Findable Accessible Reusable and Interoperable data principles,
  • Image Processing.