Dr. D.B.P. (Daniëlle) Eekers

Radiation Oncologist - Clinical Research

Since finishing my training as a radiotherapist-oncologist (in 2005), I have been particularly concerned with the field of neuro-oncology (cancer of the brain and nerves) and palliation. After having enjoyed working in Tilburg for 8 years, I have been working at Maastro since 2012. I treat patients there from the entire southern region.

Through scientific research I aim to further improve the current, already high quality and detailed treatment of patients with tumors in the head. In 2018 I obtained my PhD on different types of radiation (photons, protons or carbon ions) for irradiating the brain and head & neck area with the aim of keeping the side effects of this treatment as low as possible for the patient. Especially the saving of the memory & concentration ability has my special attention.

I am actively involved in the Maastro Proton Therapy project in Maastricht. I am a member of the National Platform Proton Therapy (LPPT), OncoZon Neuro Oncology working group, National Platform Neuro Oncology (LPRNO) and the Dutch Proton Skull Base Working Group (PSBW). As a member of the national neuro-oncology working groups (LWNO, DBTR) and the European Brain Tumor Group (BTG EORTC) I participate in various international studies. I am a consultant for neuro-oncology, skull base and endocrinology work groups. Internationally I am a member of the European Association of Neuro-Oncology (EANO), the European Proton Center working group (EPTN) and work on coordination between the European proton centers in the field of neuro-oncology.


Treatment areas:

  • Brain
  • Head and neck
  • Pain treatment (palliation)