Dr. M. (Maaike) Berbée

Radiation Oncologist - Clinical Research

I have been working as a radiotherapist at Maastro since 2014. I have focused on the treatment of tumors of the digestive system (esophagus, liver, rectum) and malignant lymphomas. I am also involved in the treatment of breast cancer and palliative radiation (radiation with the aim of limiting / reducing complaints).

I attach great importance to good supervision of my patients and their loved ones. I strive to come to a well-considered treatment plan by means of good information and by paying attention to the patient’s own contribution together with that patient.

I am also interested in conducting scientific research. This in particular in the field of tumors of the digestive system and the side effects of radiation treatments. I gained my PhD in 2011 on research into new strategies to limit radiation damage to healthy tissues.


Treatment areas:

  • Blood and lymph
  • Chest
  • Benign disorders
  • Digestive tract