M.J.P. (Martien) van Bussel MSc

PhD-student & Manager Care - Innovation Research

Ever since my Master in Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology I’ve worked in a (clinical) academic environment. In the beginning of my career the focus was on technical R&D and clinical implementation. At Kempenhaeghe I’ve contributed to (mostly national) grant proposals, a patent application and co-authored a couple of research papers. Our success rate for the grant proposals at the time was around 30%. R&D projects for these proposals were often in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology or Twente University of Technology, Utrecht University Medical Centre and commercial partners such as Philips. Also, I’ve submitted a few abstracts for clinical conferences that were accepted for poster presentations. My area of expertise was the development of wearable devices for the detection of seizures in epilepsy and the clinical validation of such devices. For that purpose, I’ve contributed to the application of METC approval of clinical studies.

In the meanwhile I had decided to pursue my interest in management by means of an executive MBA for healthcare. During the final phase of my MBA, I was asked to head the department of Clinical Physics – and after a short while I switched to managing the department of clinical neurophysiology & MRI. When an opportunity to become manager patient care at Maastro presented itself, I immediately took it and haven’t regretted it for a moment.

Maastro has been increasing its efforts in using evidence based management as the default approach to organizational and business related topics. The ‘logical’ next step, when you find gaps in the available scientific literature and when those gaps correspond to major themes in the organization, is to contribute to that field. My personal interest has always been at the crossroads between technology, management and healthcare. Since 2020 I’ve been able to initiate research activities as with the goal of completing a PhD. My focus is on the implementation of digital innovation in healthcare, e.g. the adoption of patient portals, automation in radiotherapy and e-health in relation to the patient journey.