A. (Anaís) Sánchez Castillo MSc

PhD-student - Maastro Lab

I graduated in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the Universities of Malaga and Seville and obtained MSc in Genetics and Genomics at the University of Barcelona. During my Master’s degree, I was interested in the field of cancer epigenetics, developing my thesis in the study of non-coding RNAs and their roles in oncogenic pathways. Later, due to my great interest in tumor microenvironment and heterogeneity, I started a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Marc Vooijs in the department of Radiotherapy at Maastricht University. Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) have been described as important drivers of tumor heterogeneity, recurrence and resistance to treatments, including radiotherapy. The main aim of my research project is to study CSCs and their molecular pathways establishing 3D models and lineage tracing strategies.

I like what I do because it allows me to gain a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying human health, as well as to apply this knowledge from basic science to translational medicine, improving the diagnosis and outcome of cancer patients. I value challenges, perseverance, knowledge and the collaborations that lead to better results and working environment.

My areas of expertise are molecular biology, cancer biology, cancer stem cells and tumor microenvironment.