N.A. (Niklas) Lackner MSc

PhD-student - Physics Research

Born in Austria, Niklas Andre Lackner obtained a bachelor’s degree in Technical Physics at the Technical University of Vienna in 2017. During an internship at MedAustron in 2017, he settled his direction towards Medical Physics. He graduated with a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna in 2020, followed by the postgraduate course of Medical Physics at the Medical University of Vienna in which he graduated in 2021. During his Master thesis project, he evolved interest in Monte Carlo simulation methods in radiotherapy using carbon ions. In September 2020 he started as a Ph.D. student at the Physics Research group of Maastro. His main research topic is improving imaging methods for radiotherapy and radiology. In particular, his research focuses on developing CT image analysis software for various purposes and developing novel CT imaging equipment. His project is carried out in close collaboration with partnering companies and hospitals in the research consortium. His current research project is carried out in collaboration with medPhoton/MedAustron.