S.V. (Salina) Thijssen MSc

PhD-student - Innovation Research

Prior to my employment at Maastro, I have completed a master degree in Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management, and worked at Maastricht University and The Maastricht Study as a research assistant. In addition, I have been employed in the field of health insurance.

I started working at Maastro in March 2020, as a PhD-student and Policy Officer at Research Affairs. As a Policy Officer, I am responsible for coordinating research projects, arranging research contracts, assisting in writing grant applications and organizing research events. My PhD track focusses on radical innovation implementation in radiotherapy, and specifically the implementation of proton therapy. I value the diversity, innovativeness and being able to create impact, when working at Maastro. In my spare time, I enjoy being creative, cooking, doing sports and traveling.

Areas of expertise:
• Research policies, contracts, projects and events
• Radical innovation and proton therapy implementation