Y.C.P. (Yves) Willems MSc

PhD-student - Clinical Research

Radiation oncology is one of the specialties vital to cancer treatment. I think it’s a very interesting mix of both technical and medical aspects, and even though it’s a well-developed field, it also offers a lot of potential for future innovation! With my medical background, I am personally very interested in clinically relevant research that can benefit patients by allowing them to choose better treatment options. Research plays a critical role in improving patient care by introduction of novel treatment techniques into clinical practice or by further improvement of the currently used treatment strategies, leading to an improvement in oncological outcomes, a reduction in side-effects resulting in an improved quality of life, or both.

I am involved in several rectal cancer related studies, including the clinical introduction and optimization of our new endoluminal radiation technique for rectal cancer patients. With this technique, we’re trying to improve the chance of curing patients with radiotherapy alone, so patients don’t also have to undergo additional surgery.

I value connection to patient care and working with the wonderful staff at Maastro and other collaborating centers with their different backgrounds and specialties, to incorporate their views and expertise into our projects so they can be elevated to new heights.