Route for location Maastricht

Maastro, location Maastricht, is located on the north side of Maastricht UMC +.
Maastro has its own main entrance.

By car
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By public transport
Maastro can be reached in by bus and train.

Maastricht Randwyck station is 350 meters from Maastro, approximately 10 minutes walking.
If you arrive by bus, alight at the Forum MECC bus stop. From this stop it is a 300 meters walk to Maastro.

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Parking location Maastricht

Maastro patients have free access to the parking space in front of the building or the underground parking garage. This is accessible from the parking area in front of the building.
Please note that there is no lift!  At the Maastro reception, you can have your parking ticket converted into a free exit ticket.

For a fee, Maastro visitors can use the Maastricht UMC + parking garage. Maastro can be reached from Maastricht UMC + via the walkway.
Please note that visitors are not allowed to park in the parking lot or in the parking garage of Maastro.

Route for location Venlo

By car
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By public transport
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Parking and walking route for location Venlo

Patients may park for free, using a special VieCuri parking card in the VieCuri Medical Center parking area. During your first visit, the Maastro doctor’s assistant will explain how to get your parking card.

Maastro can be reached via the main entrance of the VieCuri Medical Center. From there, you follow walking route no. 80 in the hospital. Via the Nuclear Medicine department, the entrance is number 95.

With your VieCuri access card, you have access to the parking area of ​​the emergency post and birth center. The walking route is shorter from this parking area. From this parking area, it is a short walk to Maastro via the dialysis entrance.
Please note that this entrance is open until 8 p.m. You can’t use the politaxi at this location. There are push seats available.

  • Visiting address Maastricht

    Doctor Tanslaan 12
    6229 ET Maastricht

  • Visiting address Venlo

    Tegelseweg 210
    5912 BL Venlo

  • Contact

    Phone general:
    +31 88 44 55 600 (between 8 AM – 8 PM

    Fax general:
    +31 88 44 55 667

    Fax for administrative support:
    +31 88 44 55 773

    Oncologie centre Maastricht UMC+:
    +31 43 38 76 400