I bermejo

Dr. I. (Iñigo) Bermejo

Research Staff
  • Postdoctoral researcher

My PhD was focused on applications of probabilistic graphical models in medicine, including a decision support system for cochlear implant fitting and modelling for health technology assessment (HTA). After I finished my PhD, I worked at the University of Sheffield from 2015 to 2017 developing and evaluating models for HTA and as a senior research engineer for Cochlear from 2017 to 2018. I joined the Clinical Data Science group at Maastro in September 2018, where I am working on a variety of research projects, from distributed learning to decision aids and predictive modelling, across multiple disease areas. I especially enjoy the range of research topics I work on, from the more methodological to the applied, and the intellectual challenges they pose. I value the chance to work on improving healthcare by leveraging data using artificial intelligence.

Areas of Expertise:
Probabilistic graphical models
Predictive modelling
Decision support systems