A dekkers

Prof. dr. ir. A.L.A.J. (André) Dekker

Research Staff
  • Head of Clinical Data Science

I studied applied physics at Twente University. I then joined the Medical Physics residency program of Maastricht UMC+ at the department of cardiothoracic surgery where I also obtained my PhD in 2003. In that year I joined Maastro in various roles including medical physicist, head of medical physics, head of IT and engineering, head of research & education. For most of my career at Maastro I combined patient and management work with research in physics, imaging, informatics and data science. Since 2018 I do research full time as a professor of Clinical Data Science with appointment at Maastro, Maastricht UMC+ and Maastricht University.

I like working with people from very different backgrounds to solve a difficult problem – better treatments of patients.

I value diversity, collaboration, integrity and transparency.

Data Science, Medical Physics, Imaging, Radiomics, Machine Learning, AI, Decision Support Systems, Shared Decision Making, Infrastructure