Cancer types
  • Breast
Title of study
Implementing a decision aid for breast cancer and DCIS patients deciding on their radiation treatment: a pre- and post-intervention study
Version Number
Approval Date 
2.2, 29 September 2017
Short Title
Study site
Principle Investigator
Prof. Dr. L.J. Boersma
Investigator Maastro
D.B. Raphael
Maastricht University
Trial registry

To determine whether a decision aid, which has been personalised to the individual situation, can lower decisional conflict in female breast cancer patients 3 months after they had to decide on their adjuvant radiation treatment

Primary Endpoint 

Decisional conflict 3 months after the decision has been made

Secondary Endpoints 

• Effect evaluation
Improvement in the perceived level of shared decision making
Patient knowledge directly after the decision on adjuvant RT has been made
Decisional conflict at one year after the decision on adjuvant RT has been made
• Prospective process evaluation