Cancer types
  • Neuro-oncology
Title of study
A phase I trial for the addition of chloroquine, an autophagy inhibitor, to concurrent chemoradiation for newly diagnosed glioblastoma
Version Number
Approval Date 
6.0, 9 May 2016
Short Title
Chloroquine GBM
Study site
Principle Investigator
prof. dr. Ph. Lambin
Investigator Maastro
Drs. I. Compter
prof. dr. Ph. Lambin
Trial registry

To determine the MTD/RPTD for CQ in combination with concurrent radiotherapy with daily TMZ in patients with a newly diagnosed GBM

Primary Endpoint 

Incidence of dose-limiting toxicities

Secondary Endpoints 

• Adverse Events (AEs), serious AEs (SAEs), changes in haematology and chemistry values, vital signs, electrocardiograms, tone audiograms or ophthalmologic examination.
• Pharmacokinetics of CQ
• Presence of autophagic marker (LC3b)
• Gene mutation, deletion or amplification such as MGMT, EGFRvIII in tumor tissue pre-treatment
• Radiological response on follow-up MRI
• Time from inclusion until death from any cause
• Time from inclusion until disease progression or death