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Title of study
Effectiveness of individual feedback and coaching on shared decision-making consultations in oncology care: A pragmatic randomized controlled trial
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Approval Date 
2, 29 October 2020
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Principle Investigator
H. van Veenendaal
Investigator Maastro
Prof. Dr. L.J. Boersma
Erasmus MC
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The aim of this study is to examine the effectiveness of an individual SDM training program for physicians, grounded in the theory of deliberate practice.

Primary Endpoint 

As the primary outcome measure of the level of SDM, the OPTION-5 instrument, scored objectively by independent researchers, is used to rate the observation of the clinicians’ behavior in the decision-making process.

Secondary Endpoints 

A secondary aim is to evaluate whether patients experience that they are more involved in the decision-making process.