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Title of study
Applicability of a mobile application for communication with trial participants and registration of toxicity and quality of life (PROM’s) data
Version Number
Approval Date 
1, 28 December 2018
Short Title
Improve App
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Principle Investigator
Investigator Maastro
J. Paulissen
Trial registry

This study has two main objectives.
• First objective is to evaluate the applicability of a mobile application in the communication with trial participants. We investigate trial participants’ satisfaction of using a mobile application to deliver information to the trial research team before they visit our clinic. Furthermore we investigate the usefulness of the mobile application for employees of the trial research team to prepare for a consultation with a trial participant.
• Second objective is to investigate the feasibility and preferences of a mobile application for delivering patient registered outcome measures (PROMs) compared to paper questionnaires.

Primary Endpoint 

Primary endpoint of this study is reaching a more efficient Trial Outpatient Clinic visit of higher quality for the trial participant as well as for the researchers in the trial and as a result of that a higher standard of care.

Secondary Endpoints 

Second endpoint is to reach a higher degree of satisfaction and efficiency in the use of a mobile application for filling out questionnairs for quality of life.