Cancer types
  • Lung
Title of study
Combining SBRT and immunotherapy in early stage NSCLC patients planned for surgery: exploring safety and immunological proof of principle
Version Number
Approval Date 
version 1.8, 12 Septembre 2019
Short Title
Study site
Principle Investigator
A.J. de Langen, MD, PhD Dept. of Pulmonary Diseases Amsterdam, VU University Medical Center
Investigator Maastro
prof dr D. de Ruysscher
VU University Medical Center
Trial registry

To evaluate the mechanisms of action of the trimodality treatment approach. To identify the immunological response to combined SBRT and pembrolizumab treatment in early stage NSCLC and compare this to the immunological response to SBRT and pembrolizumab monotherapy.

Primary Endpoint 

To identify the immunological mechanism of action of combined SBRT and pembrolizumab treatment in early stage NSCLC.

Secondary Endpoints 

The correlations of in-vivo PD-1 expression, quantified by immune-PET, with tissue and blood based immune-parameters.