Cancer types
  • Lung
Title of study
Phase II non-randomized study on Proton Radiotherapy of Thymic Malignancies
Version Number
Approval Date 
2.2 (Zweden) en addendum versie 3, 15 March 2022
Short Title
Study site
Principle Investigator
Dr. J. Nyman
Investigator Maastro
Dr. Stephanie Peeters
Trial registry

To explore whether proton radiotherapy is feasible and results in an acceptable local control.

Primary Endpoint 

• Toxicity (eg cardiac and pulmonary toxicity)
• Local control at 5 years. Local control is defined as freedom of locally progressive disease; ie CR (complete remission) or SD (stable disease) based on CT or PET/CT evaluation

Secondary Endpoints 

• Overall survival
• Progression-free survival
• Relapse pattern
• Quality of life (measured with QLQ 30 + LC 14)