Cancer types
  • Neuro-oncology
Title of study
A phase III trial of marizomib in combination with standard temozolomide-based radiochemotherapy versus standard temozolomide-based radiochemotherapy alone in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma
Version Number
Approval Date 
3.0, 16-03-2018
Short Title
Study site
Principle Investigator
Dr. A. Hoeben
Investigator Maastro
Drs. I. Compter
Trial registry

To compare the overall survival of glioblastoma patients treated with standard TMZ-based chemoradiotherapy alone or TMZ-based chemoradiotherapy in combination with marizomib.

Primary Endpoint 

Overall Survival

Secondary Endpoints 

1. Progression Free Survival
2. Health-related Quality of life
3. Mini Mental State Examination