Cancer types
  • Skin
Title of study
Registration study on Merkel cell carcinoma: an observational cohort study
Version Number
Approval Date 
1.3, 28 July 2021
Short Title
MCC Registration
Study site
Principle Investigator
Prof. Dr. J.H.A.M. Kaanders
Investigator Maastro
Drs. F. Wesseling
Department of Radiation Oncology Radboud UMC
Trial registry
  • To improve the management of patients with Merkel cell carcinoma by gaining knowledge from systematic and prospective data collection.
  • To start an observational cohort study of Merkel cell carcinoma patients from their primary diagnosis until 5 years of follow-up or death.
  • To prospectively collect data on medical history, comorbidities, baseline clinical parameters, imaging results, pathology results, tumor characteristics, treatment, treatment outcomes, hospital stays, complications and interventions.
  • To prospectively collect data on patient reported outcomes on health-related quality of life.
Primary Endpoint 
  • Loco-regional tumor control at 1 year after treatment.
  • Distant recurrence, relapse-free survival, overall survival at 3 and 5 years after treatment.
  • Grade ≥ 3 acute and late toxicity and quality of life.
Secondary Endpoints 

Patient reported outcomes: health-related quality of life.