Cancer types
  • Urology
Title of study
Prostate cancer Immune profiling before, during and after HDR-brachytherapy in local relapsed prostate cancer
Version Number
Approval Date 
1.5, 14 January 2020
Short Title
Study site
Principle Investigator
Dr. B.G.L. Vanneste
Investigator Maastro
Trial registry

To investigate if HDR-brachytherapy of prostate cancer will create leverage points for different forms of IO.

Primary Endpoint 

To investigate the increased expression of PD-(L)-1 receptor induced by HDR-brachytherapy in prostate tumor biopsies of local relapses of prostate cancer.

Secondary Endpoints 

The presence of CXCL12, IL-23 receptor and MDSC infiltration in the tumor at 4 different time points (before and after the 1st fraction; before the 2nd and 3rd fraction of the salvage treatment). Furthermore, changes in T cell infiltration, and HLA class I-A,B,C expression on tumor cells will be examined. The tissue and the plasma will be collected and stored for further research in the future.