G paiva fonseca

Dr. G. (Gabriel) Paiva Fonseca

Research Staff
  • Assistant professor

Born in Brazil, Gabriel Paiva Fonseca obtained a degree in physics from University of São Paulo (USP) in 2007. He developed interest for Monte Carlo methods in medical physics, performing several experiments with linear accelerators and brachytherapy sources using several dosimeters to benchmark calculated results. A master’s degree in medical physics was obtained in 2010, developing scattering plates to increase the treatment field of a linear accelerator. In 2011 he started a PhD in Brazil in brachytherapy under supervision Prof. Dr Hélio Yoriyaz, joining Maastro/Maastricht University (UM) physics research in 2012 under supervision of Prof. Dr. Frank Verhaegen. He concluded his double PhD, in 2015, performing research activities in both countries Brazil and the Netherlands. Gabriel’s postdoc project (2015-2018) focused on high accuracy measurements using a robotic arm for brachytherapy source positioning and studies on online dosimetry using an imaging panel. In 2018, Gabriel became assistant professor at UM.