Innovation Implementation Research

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Within innovation implementation research, we conduct research into the implementation of innovations in healthcare, particularly in a radiotherapy setting. The aim is for the patient to benefit more quickly from these innovations, or for the organization to improve. Innovations are interesting if they have added value for the patient, organization, or for employees.

Vision and ambitions

Our mission is to make the implementation of innovations in radiotherapy faster, more effective, and more efficient.

We believe that innovations are the driving force behind development in radiotherapy and necessary to improve outcome for patients (higher survival and lower toxicity) as well as improved quality of life. Currently, 45% of all innovations in Dutch radiotherapy centers are delayed by more than half a year or fail after all. Our ambition is to reduce this percentage, so that innovations reach the patient sooner or organizational innovations are introduced more efficiently.


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Luca Heising, MSc
Salina Thijssen, MSc, Policy officer / project coordinator research
Rachelle Swart, MSc, Policy officer / project coordinator research
Martien van Bussel, MSc MBA, Manager patient care