• Lab Research

    Maastro Lab is a basic science and translational research laboratory embedded within the Research School GROW and the Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University.
  • Clinical Research

    In the Clinical Research division we perfom clinical trials in order to improve tolerance and efficacy and decrease side effects of cancer care.
  • Physics Research

    Focused on improving patient’s lives by research into PET-CT imaging, ultrasound imaging, novel CT imaging and small animal pre-clinical imaging. Other topics include brachytherapy dose calculations and particle beam radiotherapy.
  • Data Science

    In the Data Science division we build privacy preserving clinical data infrastructures, learn models from data to predict cancer outcomes and build model-based decision support systems for better cancer care.
  • Maastro Research

    Research in Maastro is focussed on implementing technological advances to improve normal tissue sparing, enhancing tumor control by combination Immuno-Radiotherapy and developing Shared Decision models to select the best treatment for the patient. Our translational research is focused on targeting the tumor microenvironment.


    The Maastro Clinical Trial office (Maastro CTO) is a professional accredited department that coordinates clinical trials according to the GCP guidelines. View all Maastro’s current trials.

    Data request

    To make a data request, please use  this application form (in Dutch).

    Internships and PhD positions

    At Maastro we offer different (research) internships. Regularly we offer specific PhD vacancies.

    If you are interested in internships or if you would you like to request for information, please contact us by email: academy@maastro.nl


      • 31 AUGUSTUS 2020
      Maastro Embraces Breast Cancer patients’ perspective!

      Maastro Embraces Breast Cancer patients’ perspective!

      Maastro Embraces Breast Cancer patients’ perspective! Together with Borstkankerverening Nederland, UMC Utrecht and The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Maastro organizes the EMBRACES (Employing Mass data to inform on Breast radiotherapy Choices in cases of Equipoise…

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      • 29 JULI 2020

      Europese subsidie om innovatief kankermedicijn te ontwikkelen

      Prof.dr. Marc Vooijs, Hoofd Maastro lab en Manager Research & Education bij Maastro, heeft met zijn onderzoeksteam een subsidie ontvangen van anderhalve ton van de European Research Council om een innovatief kankermedicijn een stapje dichterbij patiënten…

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